With our expertise and a powerful range of machinery, we are able to produce even the most complex plastic parts in any size. What many people don't know – thermoforming has a decisive advantage over injection moulding: the more cost-effective production of the thermoforming tool provides considerable potential for cost savings, especially in the case of medium batch sizes or small series. This means you can look forward to a winning result, with highly efficient use of your budget.

On request, we also take on the onward processing of the thermoforming parts in our workshops: Welding, bending, assembling, printing, bonding and milling.

Do you have a project that you would like to do with our support? We support you as a genuine partner – from concept to finished product.


Tool and mould construction

Once a product design has passed our feasibility study and the design phase has been completed, we start with the production of the corresponding aluminium thermoforming tool. Here it is possible to produce positive or negative tools. Depending on the individual geometry, additional tools are required, such as top punches or hold-down devices.

In special cases, we first recommend the production of a prototype tool. We manufacture this from a model construction material that offers excellent processing capabilities. Even before the start of series production, we test demoulding capability and general feasibility at low cost, and run through the entire downstream production process.

Finding the best custom solution for each product – that is our aim.


Container and apparatus construction

Our manufacturing facilities are the showcase for tried and trusted Hopf quality. Our experienced team produces cost-effective alternatives to steel or stainless steel from thermoplastics such as PP, PE or PVC. The care we take in production is reflected in every single unit in terms of quality and longevity.

Our range includes extruder welding, circular welding, butt welding, hot gas welding, socket welding and bending.

The high-quality end products are used, among other things, for the following purposes: (Waste)water treatment, droplet separators, sludge tanks, batch containers, ventilation ducts, rainwater recycling and electroplating systems.

Real manufacturing quality from Hopf – it’s sure to win you over.


CNC milling

Our state-of-the-art, 5-axis milling systems are suitable both for post-processing, e.g. for trimming thermoforming parts, and for producing a plastic product from solid material. Possible quantities range from a batch size of 1 to series parts in high volumes.

The CNC process has an important advantage: impressive precision and accuracy in implementation. In addition, trimming changes can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively using CAD/CAM technology. This is also used for programming the 5-axis milling systems. This means that potential collision paths can be simulated in advance on the computer and eliminated before processing.

At Hopf, we provide you with comprehensive advice when it comes to the most suitable solution for your product requirement.

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