The modular storage system for wooden pellets.

Are you planning a new building or do you want to replace your old heating system? Then it's time to look at renewable heating solutions. Our flexible pellet storage system can be adapted to virtually any room situation. Find out more about the application options of UniWok®.

The UniWok® system in action

Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

Where do we find spare parts?

From your trusted heating engineer.

Who is responsible for servicing?

A heating engineer should take care of servicing. If necessary, we also offer the corresponding training.

How often does the system need to be serviced?

Annually as part of the maintenance on your heating system (duration: approx. 30 min)

How much maintenance does the system need?

The system requires annual maintenance.

Which boiler is the system suitable for?

The system is suitable for all boilers that have a suction motor.

What is the difference between UniWok® and UniWok® RAPS?

UniWok®: Thanks to the automatic control and simple assembly, the system is perfectly designed for large systems.
UniWok® RAPS: Thanks to to the manual changeover unit and the attractive price, the system is ideally suited to small systems.

How many tonnes of wood pellets can the storage system house?

The storage capacity for wood pellets in a UniWok ®system is individual and depends on the way it has been installed. Thanks to its modular design, the system is extremely space-saving and flexible in use. An example: about 800 kg of pellets can be stored on a base of 75 × 75 cm and a room height of 230 cm.

What can be done if the 75 x 75 cm grid size does not fit?

If the 75 x 75 cm grid size does not fit, we offer wall connection profiles. We are happy to assist you with the planning of your system as required.

Does the storage system have to be in the immediate vicinity of the heating system?

No. Up to 30 m distance and a height difference of up to 3 m are possible.

Customer testimonials

With the UniWok®, I found a system that I can easily install myself and also adapt to the space I have available. An affordable alternative for ambitious DIYers.

Would you like to know just how UniWok can be used in your home as well? We are happy to advise you.

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