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Electric charging at home: Wall boxes for electric vehicles have long since arrived in many households. So that they can be easily mounted anywhere, we manufacture custom sizes with any mounting options and drill hole placements – depending on what the market requires. Our products: with extreme weatherproofing and resistance to direct sunlight. And since design also plays an increasingly important role, virtually any option is possible on this front as well. Any colours and shapes can be selected. Even brand logos can be integrated via thermoforming.

Industry Sectors

Mechanical engineering

Durable and long-lasting material, easy cleaning and a great look – this is what is important in mechanical engineering. Whether for painting robots or insulation covers – at Hopf we produce plastic claddings in any size required. For our customers in the field of mechanical engineering, we also manufacture containers and equipment for wastewater treatment.

Industry Sectors

Packing systems

Whether for in-house transport or shipping – high-quality components always need to be protected. At Hopf, we know what is important here: space-saving storage, long periods of reuse and materials that are antistatic or electrically conductive. Find out more about our many years of expertise in the field of packaging systems.

Industry Sectors

Utility vehicles

Whether it's the bodywork trim, interior trim, interior or steering columns – we are well-versed in the requirements placed on commercial vehicles. The goal: equipment made from highly robust and lightweight material that is easy to clean. Our quality standards: high. Confirmed by our satisfied customers over many years.

Industry Sectors

Public transport

Whether it's seat covers, equipment for business class compartments, interior fittings for motorhomes or veneers – we are familiar with the requirements in the field of public transport. Low weight and high dimensional accuracy are very important here and this is a requirement that we have been fulfilling for our customers for years.

Industry Sectors


Whether it’s facings for electrical components, drawer inserts for medical cabinets or assembly protection – we know what is important for medical operating and practice equipment: an attractive look combined with chemical-resistant plastic that is easy to clean and can also be used in the disinfecting unit. And because design is also playing an increasingly important role, we can manufacture your products in different colours.

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Senior Supplier Development Auditor at RECARO

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